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Your child's experience in my classroom typically includes lectures, reading assignments, quizzes and test. While I sometimes vary my class procedures for a few particular lessons most of the time I remain on a consistant structured routine.  

Usually we start a chapter by handing out a maptest studyguide and by having an in class reading assignment followed by a lecture.  Each lesson typically takes one to two days to complete.  Each Chapter typically has three lessons with quizzes, a maptest, and a chapter test. Maptest and chapter test are given at the end of each chapter.

While the child is receiving this lesson they also have a handout with quiz questions on it.  The child is expected to listen, read, and find answers for these quiz questions and then study them on their own.  Upon completion of the lesson they then have a closed book quiz using the questions they recieved at the begining of the lesson.

At the end of a chapter, maptest studyguides and chapter test studyguides have been collected and completed in class,  (Warning) these are not graded.  These studyguides are not meant to give students answers to the test they are meant to "guide" their study.  It is vitally important that they listen in class and read carefully for the correct answers (NEVER GUESSING).

Knowing all of this will hopefully help you be aware of what is expected from your student and provide you with knowledge you need to hold them accountable should they need it.  Please ask them about the studyguides and quiz questions encourage them to study it.  While there is rarely homework from my class ten to fifteen minutes of study once or twice a week is all most students need to achieve a good grade.  Please feel free to comment or contact me

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