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I grew up in Dodge City, Kansas until I was a sophomore in High School when my dad got moved to Mooreland, OK where I finished High School.  I went to Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma to persue and education degree.  While participating in the marching band in college, I met a wonderful girl from Snow, who would later become my wife.


After graduation, I got my first teaching job in Lookeba-Sickles Schools and taught there for 2 years.  Then, I moved to Ardmore, OK and got a teaching job at Ringling and taught there for 10 years.  I was able to bring my wife home to Snow, OK a few years back, when I got the Special Education job here at Antlers.  This is currently my 7th year here, and I'm enjoying the people here more everyday.



Andrew Johnson

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comment posted by susan stewart on 05-17-2014
gain you did a wonderful job with Hope!