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Red Ribbon and Bullying Prevention Week Activities

Red Ribbon Week

What is Red Ribbon Week?

Established in 1988, Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug prevention campaign in the nation. Traditionally, it is held during the last two weeks of October.


Why celebrate Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week is a perfect way for people within communities and schools to visibily unite and stand against drugs.


OMS Red Ribbon Week and Bullying Prevention Agenda

October 28 – 31



Participate in Dress Days:

Monday, 10/28: United We Stand Against Drugs and Bullying 

  • Wear Red, White, and Blue

Tuesday, 10/29: Peace Out to Drugs and Bullying 

  • Wear Tie Dye

Wednesday, 10/30: Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying

  • Wear your favorite sports team gear 

Thursday, 10/31: Just Say Boo! to Drugs and Bullying

  • Wear Costumes  (The dress code must still be followed. NO FACE MASKS ALLOWED!) 


*”SEND A MESSAGE. STAY DRUG FREE” is the official RED RIBBON WEEK theme. NOTE: Students, please use common sense and make responsible decisions in your clothing/items, such as no suggestive wording/graphics or revealing clothing/items. The dress code must still be followed. NO FACE MASKS ALLOWED!


Red Ribbon Week Activities and Contests

Daily Red Ribbon Raffle (October 28 – 31)

  • On Monday you will receive a red holographic bracelet from your first hour teacher.
  • Names will be randomly drawn and called over the intercom every day during Red Ribbon Week. If your namer is called, report to the office to claim your prize. (Must have your bracelet or dressed up in that day’s theme)

Red Ribbon Pledge

Red Ribbon Photo Contest 

Red Ribbon Theme Contest 


Antlers Public School encourages students to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.  We would like to personally extend an invitation to those in our community to join with us in celebrating Red Ribbon Week by showing your own personal commitment in the fight against drugs. 

 For more information about Red Ribbon Week, go to