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Elementary Teacher Swap

Posted Date: 02/27/2020

Elementary Teacher Swap

Elementary Teacher Swap

Interview by Holli Hembree, Written by Stormie Thompson


On February 4th, the Antlers Elementary participated in the first ever teacher swap! According to Elementary Principal Mrs.Watson, a teacher swap is where teachers “swap” places to help build morale and grow their mindset to gain appreciation for fellow educators. The goal of the teacher swap day is for teachers to have an open mind and to gain confidence in accomplishing any challenge they face. Additionally, this activity is to help build and nourish the relationships with the students and build unity among one another.

Mrs. Hembree was one of the fellow teachers that participated in this day. The class she usually teaches is 1st grade math and the class for which she swapped to was 3rd grade grammar. Mrs. Hembree shared her experience on the teacher swap, “This is a great experience! Watching how the kids have grown and gained knowledge over the past couple of years is exciting to be able to see again. All the grade level teachers appreciate each other and what a great job they are doing in the classroom.”

Tristan Chastain is in 5th grade and these are his thoughts on the swap. “I think it’s super fun! I like that we get a new teacher and I would want to do it again!” First grader, Kyia Mccarn, says, “It’s fun and I like it! I like having my regular teacher, but switching is fun. I would like to do it again!”

As the school day ends, the teacher swap does too, and tomorrow is back to their normal classes and grades. From the feedback of the students and teachers, the fun, unusual activity was a success, and both teachers and students would like to have another day for a teacher swap!


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