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Distance Learning


Coach Beasley’s 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra

Your assignment for the next five weeks is to complete the packet I have made. It has four sections which are separated by examples on how to work each section. These examples will then be followed by the assignment. Please complete all four sections. If you do not have your calculator you may download a TI30-XS calculator off the Texas Instrument site. I have not been able to download this at this time when using my phone. If you have an Iphone you may also turn your calculator sideways and a scientific calculator is there.  It will appear much different than ours here at school but it will work as it has many of the same functions. 

Please do the best that you possibly can on these packets. You have all been a joy to have in class throughout this year! Keep working hard! If anything is confusing or you need help you can email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

8th Grade Online Learners

The following Lessons are for my online learners. We will be using IXL during this time. Don’t forget to go to Oklahoma Standards, 8th grade, Math. Below are your IXL assignments by standard. If you cannot remember your login information, email me and I will send your login information to you as soon as I can. Please do 15-20 problems for each standard listed.

IXL Standards

Week 1: Inequalities

Day 1: Graph solutions to one-step inequalities (8-X.5)

Day 2: Graph solutions to two-step inequalities (8-X.7)

Day 3: Solve multi-step inequalities (8-X.8)

Day 4: Graph solutions to multi-step inequalities (8-X.9)

Week 2: Equations

Day 1: Solve one-step equations (8-W.7)

Day 2: Solve two-step equations (8-W.8)

Day 3: Solve multi-step equations (8-W.9)

Day 4: Solve equations: mixed review (8-W.12)

Week 3: Solving Problems with Like Terms

Day 1: Add and subtract like terms (8-V.15)

Day 2: Add and subtract like terms (8-V.15)

Day 3: Add and subtract linear expressions (8-V.16)

Day 4: Solve equations involving like terms (8-W.10)

Week 4: Exponents

Day 1: Evaluate exponents (8-F.2)

Day 2: Multiplication with exponents (8-F.8)

Day 3: Power rule (8-F.11)

Day 4: Exponents with negative bases (8-F.4)

Week 5: Exponents

Day 1: Understanding negative exponents (8-F.6)

Day 2: Evaluate negative exponents (8-F.7)

Day 3: Division with exponents (8-F.9)

Day 4: Multiplication and division with exponents (8-F.10)