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About Amy Kitchens


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Technology from Texas A&M University Commerce.

Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences from Texas A&M University Commerce.

Work Experience:

While I was completing my thesis for my Master's Degree, I was informed of a job in my local school district.   The job was for a special education teacher in a severe and profound classroom.  I had a few special education classes during college and thought it would be a way for me to enter the workforce.  The classroom had only 5 students when I started with multiple types of disabilities.  It did not take long for the students to really touch my heart.  I decided that my career should be focused in this area.   I took the required testing to become certified in this area and have enjoyed the opportunities it has given me.  I move to Oklahoma and started my job at Antlers Public School in 2006.

When I started teaching in Antlers, I was at the elementary school.  In 2011 I moved to the high school.

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