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About Regina Mason

I am the Choctaw Language Facilitator


I have been working here at the Antlers Public School since 2008.

I first came on board to sub, Pre-K to 5th.

I then got a full-time job as a Teacher’s Assistant in the 1st Grade for 1 year.  I helped the 1st-grade Teachers do what needed to be done.  I subbed for them and even had my own group of kids, to help them read and do their math.

Then I was the Choctaw Language Facilitator for 4 years at the High School. I truly loved this job.  I learned the language, so I could help the students.  I could teach the class when my On-line Teacher was not available and I did most of the grading.

In the 2015-2016 School year I was the ISS Teacher and I subbed for the Middle School Teachers when needed.

In the 2016-2017 School year and I am back in my Choctaw Language Class.

I am back again this year to help students learn and understand the Choctaw Language and Culture.


I enjoy working with the kids.  I try to encourage them to do their best no matter what.

I now have worked with all ages in this School District. 

I hope to continue to encourage the children of this County.


I have a 15 year old daughter that has been learning the language too.  She now is a Sophmore in Antlers High School.

I am married to Ron Mason from Soper and we own a Heat and Air Service.  When I am not working with my kids at school I am helping my husband with repairs and installations (I am the gopher.)

My main job is to serve our community the best I can.

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