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About Lee Ann Stillwell

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I am the art teacher at Antlers Public Schools for grades six through twelve.   My teaching experience includes four years as an elementary level art teacher with Sherman ISD, and then 14 years here at Antlers.   


In my art classes, I focus on teaching the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) established by the Oklahoma Department of Education.  The OAS for art find their roots in  discipline-based art education (DBAE), which is an approach to art education that draws upon four art disciplines: art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. You can find these objectives at the following link, under the sub-heading Fine Arts.


I attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University, graduating with a BA of Science in Art.  The reason I chose to major in this area is not only because I enjoy art, but because I believe that art classes are an important part of a well-rounded education.  Research has shown that studies in the arts improve the development of children’s higher order thinking and problem solving skills, which help them to perform better in other fields of study.


I hope that the learning experience in my classroom not only enriches my students lives by helping them to improve their creativity, but also improving their artistic skill set.   


If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I want each of my student’s art experience to be as successful as possible.